Missions Ministry

Our church takes seriously the mandate that Jesus gave His church in Acts 1:8, “You shall be My witnesses in Jerusalem, in all of Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

I am so grateful that the church was obedient to this mandate over the centuries- otherwise we wouldn’t be here today!  Likewise, we are committed to be faithful witnesses in our “Jerusalem” – the city of Fresno, as well as throughout the world.

We partner with many local, national, and international missionaries to spread the gospel to everyone on earth. We have included a listing of all of our mission partners, a description of their mission, and their mission organization’s website.

Missions Director

Missions Pastor

(559) 435-2200

Missions Trip


July 2023

What to expect:

  • Visit Orphanage, distribute clothing and possible VBS.
  • Visit Clinic for prayer, minor medical assistance (nurses), possible painting, and/or cleaning.
  • Visit local church for community gathering, testimonies, fellowship, and attend service.
Missionary Partners

Global Partners

D.R.Congo, Africa – Fredy Tshibanda


Meet human needs and share the gospel through the Grace of God Clinic/hospital and an orphanage.

West African Vocational Schools – Chris and Holly Collins

Guinea Bissau www.wavschools.org

Mission: WAVS is a Christian non-profit ministry that works hand-in-hand with local leaders in Guinea-Bissau, to offer job training and economic development programs while sharing the Good News of the gospel in one of the world’s smallest and poorest countries.

Waleta Indonesia – Ronny Welong

Manado, Indonesia

Mission: Train indigenous leaders throughout Indonesia to pastor and plant churches to reach Indonesia for Christ.

Ethnos 360 – Coleton and Shawna Williams

Papua New Guinea  www.ethnos360.org

Mission: Reach the Kuman tribe for Christ by evangelism, discipleship and planting churches.

Youth for Christ, International  Leonard Fernando

Sri Lanka  www.yfci.org

Mission: Reach the young people for Christ through various ministries and disciple them

Youth for Christ, Lebanon – Maher El Hajj

Lebanon  www.yfclebanon.org

Mission: Reach every young people in Lebanon for the gospel.

Novo – Ryan & Amy

Novo www.novo.org

Mission: Sending creative missionaries to multiple movements of the gospel and mobilize the church for that mission around the world.

Local Partners

FPU Center for Community Transformation – Randy White

Fresno  www.cctfresno.org

Mission: To pursue God’s abundant community in the Central Valley. We simultaneously research concentrated areas of poverty solutions, convene leaders around those solutions and do specialized training to equip God’s people with the skill sets they need to achieve those solutions.

Link Care Foundation – Jennifer Smith

Fresno  www.linkcare.org

Mission: To provide a place for restoration and healing for missionaries and pastors that are experiencing emotional difficulties and trauma. We also provide counseling from a Christian perspective for the community and church.

New Creation Ministries – Russell Willingham

Fresno   www.ncmfresno.org

Mission: Provide biblical counseling for the sexually broken and addicted, facilitating their healing and restoration to wholeness in Christ, as well as, for broken marriages.

Mission: Sharing Christ’s love to build communities of hope with new Americans.

Local Mission Opportunities

Fresno Mission (formerly Fresno Rescue Mission) – Matt Dildine

Fresno  www.fresnomission.org

Volunteer: Individual or group serving opportunity Sign-Up

Mission: To rescue, restore and empower through Christ–centered communities of transformation.

Church Missions Ministries

Pregnancy Care Center – Change for Babies

Northwest Church www.pregnancycarecenter.com

Mission: Living out Christ’s commandment to love the unborn and their pregnant mothers. Also, providing resources for the healing to those who have experienced reproductive loss.

Levels of Involvement:

Level ONE

This first level is the entry point into learning what Northwest missions is all about.

  • Meet with a representative from the missions council.
  •  Attend a missions council monthly meeting.

Level TWO

This level is for anyone that feels a special burden to partner with God in His desire to reach the nations through intercessory prayer engagement.

  • Volunteer to join the missions prayer team.


This level is for those who desire a hands-on missions experience.

  • Volunteer with one of our local mission partners.
  • Volunteer with one of Northwest’s missions ministries.

Level FOUR

For those that sense a calling to go into the “mission field” and get out of their comfort zone to minister cross-culturally.

  • Volunteer to go on a short-term missions trip.

Level FIVE

This level is for those who are sensing a life calling to become a vocational missionary.

  • Explore the possible calling to become a missionary to unreached peoples.

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